Past Events

* Aloha Ball Picklefest*

We will be doing "combined rating brackets"

If anyone needs help registering, here is the link... or you may also text our Holua Shop phone @ 808-989-4611.

If you text, please include your name, rating, partner's names, partner's ratings, division, phone # and email.

Mix brackets will play on Friday May 26 

Men's & Women's brackets will play on Saturday May 27

Deadline to sign up is May 19th!

~Mahalo to everyone that came out and played and supported! We will see you all again next year!~

*Results posted below...*

Mixed Doubles Results

6.0 Division

Gold-David Kumagai/Bonnie Pang

Silver-Robert Marin/Christy Marin

Bronze-Leveni Toki/Yvanna Menendez

7.0 Division

Gold-Doug Pang/Phyllis Funada

Silver-Andrew Carrell/ Julie Cambe

Bronze-Manit Pothong/Erin Bryne

8.0 Division

Gold-Spencer Baker/Michelle Ayau

Silver-Misha Sahakian/Bernadette Sabath

Bronze-Kim Girouard/Malia Kamahoahoa

9.0 Division

Gold-Finn Gallagher/Kari Hock

Silver-Richard Kahalioumi/Anuhea Fleming

Bronze-Johnathan Gonzales/Cari Gonzales

Women's Results

6.0/7.0 Combined Divisions

Gold-Michelle D/Susan Gordon



6.0/7.0 Combined Divisions


Silver-Susie Girouard/Neke


8.0 Division



Bronze-Julie Cambe/Sue Welton

9.0 Division



Bronze-Michelle Ayau/Lea

Men's Results

6.0 Division

Gold-Manit Pothong/Darren Abellara



7.0 Division




8.0 Division




9.0 Division

Gold-Richard/Nikki Boi


Bronze-Bruce/Johnathan Gonzales

Doubles Strategy Clinic

2nd Annual-Ambassador's Cup

Mahalo to everyone who came out and participated in our 2nd Annual Ambassador's Cup, which raised funds for our First Responders of the Big Island! It was a great success and we hope to see you guys all next year!

Serve It Forward

The 7th annual Serve It Forward event was held on February 18-19, 2023. It was a great fundraiser for families on the Big Island.

Cupid's Cup 2023

A Mixed Doubles fun tournament held on Valentine's Day.

Wes Gabrielsen Clinic

Wes and friends put on a great set of clinics in late 2022.

The Pickleball Experience

The Pickleball Experience came to Holua in November 2022. Weekly coaching sessions were culminated with competitive play. Rave reviews were heard from the participants. You can visit The Pickleball Experience website here

King & Queen of the Courts

This event was held on November 18, 2022.

Peek-A-Boo Tournament

This tournament was held on October 29 & 30, 2022. Check out some of the costumes by clicking on the poster image or clicking here.

Dream Team Event

Held on September 24, 2022 this team event was a blast. 

Hawaii Open

This event featured some of the top players in the world. Ben Johns, Riley and Lindsey Newman, Jessie Irvine, Irina Tereschenko, Tyson McGuffin and other professionals battled it out on the Holua courts. Check out some pictures from this exciting event by clicking here